The Story of besthoteltester

Hej everyone my name is Michael and I have created this Blog to share my experience about traveling.

The difference to many other travel blogs is, that i have studied hospitality and i have gained a lot of experience in the travel hospitality industry sector. This gives me the opportunity to share my experience and my opinion about what happens in the industry with you.

i am writing reviews, articles on travel pages and i will give general advise from the hotel business site and from the traveler prospective.

I do offer consulting services as follow:

  • Detailed analysis of the current travel market
  • Detailed analysis of the different generations and their travel habits
  • Excellent knowledge of Instagram, Telegram, YouTube & Influencer Marketing
  • Sales Strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Bloggers & Hotels
  • Revenue Share for every Consulting Offer recommended

To work with me exclusively and do business together contact me directly to not miss out on my services and offers mentioned above.

Email: Looking forward to hear from you.