Traveling after Coronavirus

Airplane flying towards London Heathrow

How will people travel once the Coronavirus is over. Their are many questions in which way the travel industry will be affected long term. I have put a few points together to give you an idea how traveling after the Coronavirus will be.

Travel Discounts:

The travel industry has taken a major hit in the past weeks and once the governments decide to cut the restrictions for traveling the hotels will start to reopen. What i can ensure you is, that hotels will be under huge pressure to gain back momentum and to get money and guests in their house. Some big chains have the luxury to keep their rates the same as before the virus started but many will reduce their rates to make it attractive to buy rooms. Their is the advantage/ opportunity for Leisure travelers. If you are spontaneous or you were lucky to get through the “crisis” without loosing your job, this is the time to book your vacations for the rest of the year.

Once the travel industry gets back on their feet the prices will spike back to normal.

Where to Travel:

Bali Beach

One of the places to travel is the Bali region. In general it is a good idea to travel to Asian countries, as the virus has spread from China towards Europe and the the american and African continent. The Chines government reopened the factories and until their is still plenty of time to get an idea how the virus stays away. Nevertheless International flights will be cheap and once the signs are clear that it is save you should definitely consider it. Any travel the United States on the other hand are not recommended as know one knows how long the virus will take over their.


Even though their might be enormous discounts for certain destinations, at the end of the day safety comes first. Be sure that you feel comfortable to travel and your are 100% healthy. If you see cheap offers always inform yourself first about the situation at the destination, call the hotel/resort directly, check out the feedback online if people have recently traveled their. Once you have done all that and you feel ready to make a decision, make it and in the best case scenario you will have a great trip and vacation.

Loyalty Programs

A way big chains try to make you a permanent customer is to offer great loyalty programs. This is not new, but this time those big chains might start special offers to get part of a loyalty program. The reason for that is pretty simple. As people had to cancel all their bookings big chains might try to get you to change your mind and start booking for a different hotel chain. People in general live with habits and it is hard to change them but this Virus will be an opportunity to change their mind. In this case it is a chance for the hotels and for the customer/guests. Hotels have the opportunity to get new customers and the travelers can choose based on the offers out their.

As a traveler i would do my research and consider all the options. For hotels it is definitely interesting to catch business from people that might have changed their budget. Companies that spent money for meetings in 5 star hotels might consider 4 stars now. The same for the leisure travelers.


We at hope that everyone out their gets through this crisis healthy and without any financial or job loss.

Despite this, every crisis brings opportunities and we believe that those are for the businesses and the customers. People might reconsider their daily habits & some wont.

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