Luxury Travel

Luxury travel means experiencing destinations in inspirational, unprecedented ways on your terms. Truly luxurious travel provides experiences tailored to your personalized preferences, including what you desire, how you like it, where and when you want it

According to a study, over the next five years the Luxury Travel market will register a 8.5% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 8460 million by 2024, from US$ 5200 million in 2019.

Those facts show the massive potential for hospitality brands. Despite the potential the risk of higher competition and the changing travel habits are challenges the industry has to cope with.

I will show you now some of the best luxury travel destination you can go to. Please let me know if you are a luxury traveler and if you agree with the selected destinations.

  1. India

India has seen a massive growth of luxury hotels and travelers. If you are look for a lot of luxury you will find it. India can give you a lot of history, great food and has a lot of culture to show.

The amount of luxuries hotels is massive and you need to decide if you prefer to go to one of the bigger cities or if you like to experience the rural areas. It is a question of taste and flexibility. Traveling to more rural areas you will find the nature and landscape which is astonishing in India. If you stay in a big city you might need to deal with crowds and lots of traffic. The advantage is the fast way to the airport if you decide to continue traveling somewhere else. Nevertheless India is a great place to explore & to experience luxury.

2. Myanmar

Myanmar offers plenty for a luxury holiday — several luxurious boat trips along the Irrawaddy between Yangon and Bagan as well as Ngapali Beach, an elite beach retreat, according to besthoteltester.

Yangon’s highlight is the Shwedagon Pagoda, where Original Travel arranges for visitors to take part in a robe-offering ceremony with the temple’s monks. Apart of that Myanmar is a upcoming “place to be” it just recently started to get the attention of the travel industry. You will see plenty of luxury hotels in the future. The country got a lot of history. So it is definitely a place to write on your travel goal list.

3. Bhutan

Unspoiled Bhutan is ideal for the adventurous luxury traveler — the country is made for trekking, according to besthoteltester. The company has arranged for treks to many of Bhutan’s monasteries, mountain-biking along 12,000-foot mountain passes, and participation in archery tournaments.

If you like this luxury travel advise, please let me know.

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