How to start a small business online

Well most of you out their searching through the web you might be at home waiting for the virus to end as soon as possible. Therefore i would like you to give you some easy examples on how to start a small business online. Most of the time the question is “how to start a blog”. i wont answer you that question yet. I will ask you something different.

Have you every thought like an Entrepreneur? The question above could also be written like this: “how to start a home based business?”. Its both the same.

The answer “how to do it” is to “think different” you have to think about any business like a Startup. You run the Startup.

Myself having this blog, i do see it as a Startup and considering it a Startup is different, as writing about your passion (in my case Traveling), if i would do that i wouldn’t be successful

So the question “How to start a business online” can be answered very easy. First answer is, treat any business idea you have like a Startup and second you need an idea.

If you need some inspiration what would work, i will give you one main example.

Become a Consultant or Expert

We are all really good at something and have the knowledge we can pass onto other people. Becoming a consultant is all about tapping into the one thing that you’re great at, and using it to help, or teach others.

More businesses seek experts in certain topics or fields because their staff consists of many “Jack of all trades” types. They have knowledge in many different areas but aren’t experts at any one thing.

I give you a personal example. I am expert in the Hospitality industry. Furthermore i have established great knowledge in Social Media Marketing and Sales techniques. I do perfectly understand travel trends and the constant changing surroundings businesses face. I have seen my generation “generation Y” disrupt the businesses but the next Generation is already entering the workforce and they act different even though they are just 10 years younger. Thats how i became a Consultant in the Travel industry.

What i am getting at is, that you out there thinking “how to start a small business online” you did the first step you try to do your research. Once you have decided if you want to start a business think about your key skills that you can promote as Consultant.

Asking yourself how to become a successful Consultant, follow my blog for upcoming posts, or write me a direct email if you need assistants.

Looking forward to hear from you!.


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