Traveling after Coronavirus

Hej guys i am happy to give you another article about traveling after Coronavirus, i will also discuss with you places to travel and how you can do luxury travel.

Lets face it the current situation looks like this at almost every airport in the world. This also means closed hotels and barely any business for the entire travel industry. So like i stated in my last blog post about this topic, in every crisis lays an opportunity. In this case there is an opportunity for you as a consumer.

  1. Write Reviews

Well you will tell me oh “what is new about that” well to write a review for a hotel isn’t something new but the situation we are in is. Hotels will have to cut their budget dramatically and you can profit from it. Like the car industry that will stop investing in Electric cars to save money, the Hotels will have to cute money too. This means no big commercials anymore etc. If you are a travel blogger this is your chance. To write a review or give you a room for free will cost the hotel much less than a expensive commercial. So know what you are capable of and you will be able to travel cheaper.

2. Book over Hotelpage

A lot of hotels have been fighting the online travel already for a few years. I will guarantee you that checking the Hotel website directly for offers can save you some money. Hotels do have the possibility to make discounts based on their occupancy. Furthermore if you book directly you’ve got more flexibility for potential upgrades etc. This is much harder if you go over a travel agency that

3. Packages

Look out for special packages. Like Flight + Hotel, or All inclusive for a much cheaper price or the same as if you just have Breakfast & Dinner. This kind of packages will come online soon once the travel restrictions will go away. It could interesting for the summer and autumn time. A lot of Airlines to cooperate with hotels and this can make a vacation much cheaper for you as if you book the flight and the hotel seperated.

If you like more tips follow my blog for more updates in the coming weeks.

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