Luxury Travel

Welcome back to my “” blog. I did speak about Luxury Travel in another post before. Now i would like to do another edition with you so you can get some more inspiration.

I will list you a few Hotels that provide great luxury service and that are unique in the way they exist.

1 The Chedi Andermatt

This five Start hotel located in Andermatt Switzerland will blow you away. The Chedi Andermatt offers outstanding service at a location which is unique. In the summer time you are able to go hiking, mountain biking and you can visit the glacier. If you look for some time off and you want to breath fresh mountain air this is the place to be.

Apart of that the Chedi Andermatt offers its guests Spa and Wellness area that is spacious. Especially for a rainy day this is the perfect place to relax.

The Chedi Spa

Above you see the Spa which is especially nice in the winter time after a long day of Skiing/Snowboarding.

If you choose to visit this hotel or book a stay, always remember this is a pur luxury hotel with high prices, so this is something for special occasions.

2. The Rosewood Menlo Park USA

The Rosewood in California Menlo Park is located in the Silicon Valley. The vibe around the hotel is special. If you ever wanted to experience the “Startup Silicon Valley vibe” this is the place to be. The terrace of the Bar & Restaurant is located so perfectly towards the mountain, that once the clouds come from the ocean you will see the clouds “fall” down the mountains. The rooms are spacious and luxurious. Furthermore the hotel offers an excellent dining experience. It is part of Leading Hotel of the World.

If you ever have a reason to go to Menlo Park it is located just right at the Stanford University Campus.

So this was a short example of another 2 great Luxury travel experiences you can have. If you have an example of hotel you like to visit and you would like to know my opinion on it. Pleas let me know in the comment section and i will write a review for ya.

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