How to start a small business online

Welcme to another addition of “How to start a small business online” like the last post I have done these business ideas have the goal, that you can travel. Who doesn’t want to be so flexible, that it is possible to travel and work. Nevertheless it isn’t as easy as it sounds that’s why I will give you another example.

Trading example
  1. Trading

Yes you might think I am crazy but you can earn money with trading. It is the same amount of time you will invest in starting a blog or push your Instagram to gain followers. The difference is, you can make money much faster. Don’t get me wrong I am not an financial advisor but I have used this strategy myself to build wealth. Even in the current crisis I was able to make a lot of money.

Trading stocks, crypto currency and building a long term portfolio will allow you travel the world and live free. Import t is to concentrate on stocks with dividends so that you still earn money despite a market crash.

At the moment everyone that has the funds available starts to buy stocks again, as you can make big gains in some stocks for the rest of the year.

2. Consulting for small businesses

If you know how to make websites or help small business to setup a delivery service, this is the right time. You can contact business owners from anywhere in the world. The current crisis have brought many small business in to the situation that they had to expand their online presence. For you this is a great opportunity. Helping to start a delivery service from scratch or modernising a website or increasing social media presence. Now even last business must have realized how important the online business is. If you got knowledge in programming, marketing or social media this is the time to start your business.

If you like to know strategies on how to start a small business based on those two examples, follow my blog for upcoming posts and if you like shoot me an email directly.

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