My Top 5 Travel Tips ever

1.Eat where the locals eat!

Streetfood example

When it comes to eating out I use an app called Spotted By Locals. I don’t very often pay for apps like this but I think this one is worth it.

Spotted by Locals gives suggestions for things to do and places to eat and drink based on local recommendations. The restaurant and bar recommendations are the best as they recommend places you could never have found otherwise. They often include new openings and hidden gems that you don’t normally find as a tourist.

Sites like TripAdvisor can often recommend expensive and touristy restaurants and if somewhere is featured in a Lonely Planet it quickly becomes expensive and touristy with the increase in customers.

2. Wear What you would wear at home

I think a lot of people stress about what to wear and what to pack for certain destinations but the truth is, you can normally wear exactly what you’d wear at home. I’m a real jeans-and-a-t-shirt kind of girl – this is what I wear at home so this is what I wear when I’m away.

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you need to dress like a traveller. You don’t need to wear quick-drying pants or walking boots or clothes made from sweat wicking materials, just wear whatever you’re comfortable in and whatever you’d wear at home.

Even us Brits have some really hot temperatures and some really cold temperatures so most of us have clothing for every situation.

3. Paying extra for little luxuries is worth it

I’m all about affordable luxuries when I travel and for me that means splashing out in some areas and saving in others – such as budget flights but luxury hotels.

But there are some little luxuries that are so worth paying for.

Little luxuries will be different for everyone but for me it’s things like Meet and Greet when using airport parking (where they’re waiting with your car as soon as you come out of the airport), paying for airport lounges or paying a bit extra to have breakfast in bed.

4. Travel light

’m always talking about the importance of packing light as it makes travelling so much simpler. You save money on checked luggage, save time at the airport as you don’t need to get there so early or wait for your baggage on the carousel, it’s easier to get around and you’re less likely to lose anything. You also realise you don’t need nearly as much stuff and you think! It took me a very long time to learn the art of packing light but once I nailed it I’ve never looked back.

Bonus tip: Make yourself a packing list to make sure you don’t over pack but also don’t forget anything

5. There are more good people then bad people remember that!

While you’re travelling you’ll come across people from all walks of life with different backgrounds, cultures and religions. We’re all very different but we’re all human and we share the same essential values. We help people in distress (even if we don’t speak the same language), we look after children, we’re kind to old people and we’re respectful to everyone. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help as someone will help you. Don’t be afraid to smile and wave or chat to random people. There are bad people in the world but there are millions more good people than bad people.

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